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Love and Sex are Essential Aspects of Being Human.

All of us desire connection. We long for it. We need it.

When you feel truly connected in a relationship and you’re having the sex that you really want, you feel fulfilled. You feel alive. You feel whole.

But what if your partnership and your romantic life aren’t working for you?


Life Without Intimacy Makes You Feel Incomplete.

When the right kind of love and sex aren’t part of everyday life, you feel isolated and frustrated. Something important is missing and you’re often confused.

Do you work harder? Do you walk away? Are there solutions you haven’t even imagined yet?

When You Discover your Own Needs and Desires, You Begin to Feel Alive and Whole

Dr. Lily Zehner offers counseling and coaching to individuals, couples, and moresomes, but, ultimately, all relationship work relies on a personal process of exploration and understanding.

With Dr. Lily’s guidance and support, you can discover your own missing pieces and connect with what you really want from life and from love. Empowered by these insights, you bring healing to yourself, your sexuality, and your relationship

Therapy offers you the chance to build a new, fulfilling practice of sex and love that enables you to connect - emotionally, sensually, intimately.


What might bring you into Dr. Lily’s office?

Either as an individual or as partners, you

  • want to explore or reclaim your sexuality
  • feel your relationship is strong but boring in the bedroom
  • worry your relationship is hanging by a thread due to lack of sex
  • have mismatched libidos or sexual orientation
  • wish to explore consensual non-monogamous relationships like polyamory, swinging, or opening up
  • need to do relationship repairs after an affair or other betrayals

Through honesty, curiosity, play, and self-reflection you can create and maintain your ideal relationship. Dr. Lily holds a safe space where you can explore your feelings and desires and make your hopes a reality.