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Frequently Asked Questions

I am open to answering any questions you may have regarding therapy with me. Remember, there is never a useless question so please do not hesitate. I encourage and promote curiosity!
Below are frequently asked questions that you may likely have yourself:

  • Is sex therapy all you do?

    While I specialize in sex therapy, it isn’t the only therapy I do. What is most important to know is that I am both extremely knowledgeable and comfortable in discussing all kinds of sex, sexualities, relationships, and gender identities. We may not focus on any of these if they are not what you need to address; however, you will see questions covering these in my in-depth intake. My office is an all-inclusive, safe, and compassionate space to discuss and explore yourself and each other.
  • Do you have sex with your clients?

    No, absolutely not. However, we will discuss sex and other related sensitive topics in depth. I am aware of the power dynamics in the room and would never intentionally abuse the power nor would I take advantage of the therapeutic relationship.

    Touch between me and my clients will not happen with the exception of a handshake or a hug, both of which must be consensual among everyone. If anyone does not consent to a handshake or a hug, this decision is respected and honored. Your safety is of my upmost priority. It is important for my clients to know they are safe not only emotionally, but physically with me. Consent is essential in all physical touch including handshakes and hugs and this is enforced in my office.

  • How do I know if I need sex therapy?

    It really depends on your needs that will determine what kind of therapy will best support you. I am more than happy to help you determine if sex therapy would be helpful for you. If it isn’t, I will gladly provide you with some guidance for what may be better options for you as well as give any referrals that may be helpful.

    Some (certainly not all) common concerns that often prompt people to seek sex therapy are listed here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

  • How many sessions should I expect?

    For each person and for each relationship this answer is different. The amount of sessions and time will be determined by your needs and your process. I have seen people for as little as one session (this is extremely rare), while I have seen others for years and everything in between.
  • Do you accept insurance?

    At this time I do not. I am happy to provide you with a Super Bill that you can give to your insurance company as an out of network provider. This may or may not result in reimbursement for your out of pocket investment.
  • When you say “all-inclusive” what does that mean?

    It means that I welcome people from all areas of life, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, abilities, so forth. I will work hard to provide you with an environment that is safe for you as I realize not everyone is able to go through life without difficulties due to these parts of their self. I also acknowledge my own privilege and how that may differ from your own personal experience. I strive to offer a space where you can honor all parts of yourself without fear.

    Additionally, if you have any accessibility requests, please do not hesitate to communicate these to me so I can do my best to support you in these.