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Want to Master the Messiness of Love?

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Hi there,

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.

She teaches couples & individuals the skills necessary to create love-filled, long lasting, EPIC relationships. Being in a solid relationship takes skills that can be learned… just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car.

Unfortunately, many of us weren’t taught how to ask for what we want and need within relationships. I know I never got the handbook on, “How to Love and Be Loved.” And this is exactly what she teaches people!

Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Her name is Robyn D’Angelo, she’s a couples therapist and relationship coach known as The Happy Couple Expert.

Well, I’ve collaborated with Robyn to help you attain what you desire most: the tools and skills necessary to master the messiness of couplehood and love YOUR partner.


On this interview, you’ll learn:

  • The misconceptions that get in the way of relationships just like yours.
  • What your partner really wants you to understand about them.
  • How to create an EPIC relationship with the person you love most.
  • Proven strategies for creating deeper connection & passionate love.
  • Specific steps you can take to enhance your relationship TODAY.



So, if you’re ready to Master the Messiness of Couplehood Together this is your invitation to grab a seat for the Love Your Partner Interview Series.

It starts October 12th.

This is totally for you if:

  • You want to learn specific tips, tools & tricks to help you create an exciting and fulfilling love life, together.
  • You know there are more opportunities for you to understand and connect with your partner – you’re just not sure how.
  • You’re ready to redefine what marriage and couplehood means sans the messiness.


Curious about what I will be discussing with Robyn?? We discussed what I have learned as a therapist who specializes in sex, intimacy, and relationships about loving your sexually unavailable partner. I can guarantee you will leave the conversation with lots of new insight and tools you can begin to apply *that day* (PS: our interview will be live on October 12th and available for FREE for 72 hours after)!! I sure hope you’ll join us!

Grab your FREE seat here:

Cheers to EPIC Love,


headshotAbout the Author:

Dr. Lily A. Zehner, MFT-C is a therapist who specializes in sex, intimacy, and relationships. Her private practice is located in Denver where she helps others connect emotionally, sensually, and intimately. To learn more about her and her services, please feel free to take a look around her website.

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