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Would you like more than a blog post?


I realize that for many, a blog is just the beginning for them in a process of self discovery. Perhaps you read a blog of mine and it got your wheels turning. Perhaps it awakened a curosity within you. Perhaps you want more than just 600 words on the topic I covered. Perhaps you need the space and support to really delve in.

Fortunately, you can! I  am available for individual and couples/relational therapy. I see clients for 55 minute sessions and offer longer sessions if necessary. This time will be spent exploring, learning, and processing what arises to the surface in our work together.

Not in need of therapy, but would like more information? Fabulous, I offer speaking engagements as well as workshops. In fact, I am giving one this Thursday evening with a colleague for new parents! Do you have a specific group or topic in mind? Excellent, I would love to hear your ideas and how I can help you in making it happen.

So…how do you get started? Give me a call (970.414.0954).

For therapy, we will schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation so we can meet and determine if I am a good fit for you and your needs.

For a workshop or speaking engagement, we will discuss how to move forward with creation and implementation.

Not really sure? I’d be happy to help you sort through what you are looking for and how to go about getting it. As always, I invite you to look through my website to learn more about me, my education, and my specialities.

I hope this answers some questions in how to get more than a blog post. I look forward to connecting with you and working together!

Until next time,




headshotAbout the Author:

Dr. Lily A. Zehner, MFT-C is a therapist who specializes in sex, intimacy, and relationships. Her private practice is located in Denver where she helps others reach their fullest relational and sexual potential. To learn more about her and her services, please feel free to take a look around her website.

About the Author