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Following your dreams…exciting & scary as hell!


Today is a BIG day for me. For the last 10 years, yes TEN, I have been working towards this dream. I have always wanted to become a sex therapist and although my path has taken some twists and turns, I have always had this goal as my driving force.

Dreams can stay less scary under one condition, if we choose not to follow them. I chose to take the scary route of letting go and trusting the process [side note, I would be a millionaire if I was paid a dollar every.single.time I have heard this phrase over the last 10 years!].

So you may ask, well if I have a dream and I want to make a move on it, where do I begin? You have already taken the first step if you have acknowledged this dream so *high five*! Next, you must have the attitude to follow through, start saying to yourself “I’m gonna make it happen!” Start telling others that this is going to happen. By putting yourself out there, you are welcoming what will come from your journey.

Now, its time to take some action. Sit down and write out your dream as detailed as you can. Begin to research the routes you must take to get there. Talk with others, get support, and if possible, find mentors. Surround yourself with people on your side and those who believe in you. And at whatever pace take the steps necessary to achieve this dream. There may be times you want to stop and take a break- that’s ok. There may be times you want to turn around and run away- that’s normal, but be sure that you are clear you no longer want this dream and that you are not running the other direction in fear. Keep trudging forward, you CAN do it! Walk, jog, run, whatever, just keep moving forward.

The roller coaster of emotions has continued to flow as I have inched closer and closer to this point. I no longer am “gonna do”, I am “doing”- this is quite the transition! In an attempt to help calm myself, I reached out to a dear friend. He said to me that if I wasn’t full of fear, I was becoming complacent and needed a kick in the ass. He added that if I stopped being fearful, then it was time to examine the passion or lack thereof. I couldn’t agree more. I am full of fear while I am the most alive I have ever been. This is my passion; this is what I am meant to do. I will not let the fear stand in my way; I will let it fuel me.

So as my website is now live and my private practice is open, I feel like I am exposing my heart open to any and all things. I THANK you all for reading. I THANK you all for the love. I THANK you all for the support.

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Dr. Lily A. Zehner, MFT-C is a therapist who specializes in sex, intimacy, and relationships. Her private practice is located in Denver where she helps others reach their fullest relational and sexual potential. To learn more about her and her services, please feel free to take a look around her website.


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