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Being Brave in the Bedroom: parts 3 & 4

Hi, there! It’s been a little silent over here so I wanted to say, “hello”! I have been busy contributing to other blogs and as usual, I am sharing them here with you. I realized recently that I  miss writing here for you, therefore, I am going to make it more of a p
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Already Pretty blog: Being Brave in the Bedroom, part 1

Hi, there! Being brave in the bedroom is something we all can become. If you are unsure of how to go about it, I invite you to read the first of a four part series on “Being Brave in the Bedroom”. Read the first of the four part series in my newest contribution on the Alre
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Hero? The other day a friend and former boss referred to me as her hero. This made me a little uncomfortable. I thanked her instead of negating what she said [which is something I am working on, accepting compliments without trying to convince the other they are wrong…I know, I am a w
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