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StoryCorps: the app, the experience, and the memories


Sunday I had the pleasure of conducting an interview. This interview got my heart racing and gave me butterflies in my tummy. It brought upon a large smile on my face and allowed for laughter and tears. The individual I interviewed was the most important I have interviewed to date.

Sunday I interviewed my beloved. I chose six questions and recorded his -and my answers- for our memories. It was fifteen sweet minutes filled with heart felt reminiscing and communicating.

A while back, the TED talk Facebook page shared information about a new app, StoryCorps. The app allows you to choose questions from their list and use them to interview a loved one or a stranger- it was created in an attempt to get everyone talking. I, of course, immediately downloaded the free app keeping it in mind for use in the future.

As I was planning our upcoming date- a surprise lunch of our favorite meal- I was brainstorming of other things we could during our time together. I remembered the app and opened it to see what it entailed. It was so simple and straight forward. I chose six of the 30+ questions and saved them for the upcoming interview.

Once we finished our lunch, I explained to my beloved what we were going to do. We recorded our conversation (it was more like a conversation than an interview because we both answered the questions). After we answered all six questions, we were prompted to take a photo together as well as fill out some specifics of our recorded interview- details worth remembering such as location. The whole process was sweet and fun!


(the above is one of the six questions we asked one another)

Once we were completed, I asked my husband what he thought of the experience. He smiled and said he really enjoyed it and especially appreciated hearing my answers. We both agreed that it was a great way to slow down, emotionally connect, and remember how much love and memories are shared between us. Hearing him say this made my heart full!

What I love most about this is that we now have this recording to listen to when we miss each other, need a moment of happiness, or to use as an oppportunity to reminisce on a precious memory when times are tough. This a great use of technology in my opinion.

So…the next time you’re needing an idea to connect with your partner, or anyone for that matter, download the StoryCorps app and get to talkin’!

If you have used this app, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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