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Your Holiday Gift Guide for Love + Connection

It’s that time of year again—the holiday season! And as well all know, the season brings with it lots of swirling emotions, often two of them are joy and stress. Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, gifts are often a part of the equation, they give us joy to give and receive, but
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I Wanna Connect with You and I Don’t Know How to Tell You!

Often times I hear from people who deeply want to connect with their sweetie and yet, they don’t know how to actually tell their sweetie. Sometimes they’re so out of practice, they aren’t sure what to say or even how to. And, let’s be honest, it can be scary to reach out and communica
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Ignite this Valentine’s Weekend!

  Valentine’s Day weekend is around the corner, 4 weeks to be exact. Have you begun to plan your date, evening, or weekend for your sweetie? I imagine you’re in one of three places: you have begun to plan and things are coming together beautifully, you haven’t b
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Contribution: “Life is Made of the Little Moments”

Hi, there! I hope you are having a fantastic week! I have been fortunate to contribute to some great blogs and pieces, today I would like to share with you an excellent 8-part series I was invited to be a part of. My colleague, Rebecca Wong, LCSW of Connectfulness Counseling is the la
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StoryCorps: the app, the experience, and the memories

Sunday I had the pleasure of conducting an interview. This interview got my heart racing and gave me butterflies in my tummy. It brought upon a large smile on my face and allowed for laughter and tears. The individual I interviewed was the most important I have interviewed to date. Su
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Contribution: “Even Therapists Work on their Relationships”

Hi, there! I think one of the biggest misconceptions of being a therapist is that I don’t have to work on my own relationship or sex life. A colleague of mine started an important conversation with therapists and counselors allowing us to share what we do to create and maintain
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Skiing & 100 Kisses: how do you honor your sweetie?

(aren’t we cute cuddling on the chair lift?) Thursday was my sweetie’s birthday. The only thing he ever asks for on his birthday is 100 kisses. In fact, he would rather go on as if the day is like any other, but he does love to milk it for 100 kisses and so every year I honor th
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Do You Want a Sexier Marriage? There’s an app for that!

Do you want a sexier, more passionate marriage? Do you want a way to connect and flirt with your partner throughout the day? Would you like to plan getaways together while also keeping them on a shared calendar? What about being held accountable in your participation as well as your p
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