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A Note about Traditions, Gratitude, and Difficulty

Happy Thanksgiving! I absolutely adore this time of year. The cold weather brings about a need of closeness for warmth. The snow falls and reminds me to slow down, pause, and appreciate the beauty in all things (seriously, have you ever just sat and watched each unique snowflake fall,
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Your Gratitude Muscle

We are now several days past Thanksgiving and I wonder if anyone has given thanks since. I recently heard that gratitude is like a muscle, if we don’t use it, we lose it. I can see this to be true. The more we are aware of the blessings in our life, the more likely we are to give grat
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Dear Owner

Dear Owner, This is your body. I must thank you from every inch, every limb, every curve. For so long you starved us from nourishment. You starved us from joy, from experience, from connection. You were consumed in self- hatred. You chose to see what you were lacking rather than what
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