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Already Pretty blog: Introducing Lily and her Shaky Relationship with the Camera

Hi there! My first blog for Already Pretty has gone live! In this piece I introduce myself as well as explain my shaky relationship with the camera especially around the holidays. Read here to hear all about it and what I have challenged myself to do this holiday season… Until n
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Please Don’t Turn on the Lights: How Body Image Affects Intimacy

This week, we have a guest post from an incedible colleague of mine here in Denver, Kate Daigle of Kate Daigle Counseling []. Kate and I connected a while back as therapists as well as two women who have overcome eating disorders. She graciously sha
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Dear Owner

Dear Owner, This is your body. I must thank you from every inch, every limb, every curve. For so long you starved us from nourishment. You starved us from joy, from experience, from connection. You were consumed in self- hatred. You chose to see what you were lacking rather than what
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