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non-sex sex

FREE eBook! “Non-Sex Sex: are you having any?”

    Hi, there! I am so dang excited to finally present to you my eBook, “Non-Sex Sex: are you having any?” Simply put, this has been a labor of love. It is one thing to have an idea and lots of words swirling around in your brain, it’s another when you deci
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Skiing & 100 Kisses: how do you honor your sweetie?

(aren’t we cute cuddling on the chair lift?) Thursday was my sweetie’s birthday. The only thing he ever asks for on his birthday is 100 kisses. In fact, he would rather go on as if the day is like any other, but he does love to milk it for 100 kisses and so every year I honor th
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Presence instead of Presents?

Presence instead of Presents? ‘Tis the season for giving, presents apparently. Like big, extravagant, expensive gifts. I have never been one to care much for material gifts. Perhaps it comes from growing up in a very poor household. Holidays for us were very different than others. We
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Are you having any non-sex sex?

Are you having any non-sex sex? A question I often ask couples are, “what kind of non-sex sex are you having?” They typically look at me perplexed not sure what I am asking and of course not sure how to answer. After I explain what this is, they still seem to look at each other lost f
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